Calvin Evans


Born and raised in the city of Chicago, Calvin Evans began his stand-up act at his elementary school lunch table, exciting his peers with Eddie Murphy impersonations and comedic antics. His act didn’t hit the big stage until 2006, when he performed in a variety show while attending the University of Illinois. He eventually went on to win Last Illini Standing – a campus-wide comedy competition. At that moment, Calvin knew it was comedy that he wanted to devote his life too. Since then, he has traveled the country performing at colleges and clubs. In November of 2010, Calvin became the first winner of WGNtv’s Chicago’s Next Big Comic Contest. He has performed at Chicago’s premiere comedy clubs such as Jokes & Notes and Zanies and, through his philanthropic efforts, Calvin hopes to transcend comedy, making a difference in the lives of children and adults alike.



Andy Williams Jr.

Community Leader

contact1Andy Williams is a busness owner and community leader in Aurora, IL. He also is the founder of Give HOPE, a non-profit organization geared towards bringing communities together and restoring hope for those who have lost their way. Few people are as three dimensional and versatile as Andy. His unique background and strong sense of social consciousness has enabled him to reach out to his audiences and convey to them a deep understanding.

Mr. Williams was born and raised in Aurora. After his parents’ divorce, he found himself involved with gangs, drugs and life on the streets. This led to his arrest and a 2 year lock-up in jail. The first of many wake-up calls, he spent his incarceration completing Criminal Justice courses and was able to successfully assist with his own legal defense. After his release, he continued his education and earned his Paralegal Certification, Real Estate License and Mortgage Broker’s License. Settling in to a life of accountability, he soon discovered Christ and the power of stewardship. He attributes his success in family, business and the community to his faith. Just as Christ did for him, he now strives to help people get back on their feet after hard times. Staying true to his two personal philosophies, “The best leaders serve” and “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Mr. Williams has built his life’s foundation on integrity, honesty and positive energy. He is affiliated with Aurora Youth Services, the Cease Fire Program, the State Representative’s office and local community leaders. He resides in Aurora with his wife and 3 daughters where he is a motivational speaker, freelance paralegal, and personal financial consultant.


Crystal Marshall – Write2Success

Career Development Consultant

W2S Write to Success’ mission is to be the most efficient motivator and innovator for personal job preparation and business self-marketing tools worldwide.
Write to Success is a revision and editing service of all written communication including both personal and business interactions, assisting clients in gaining the desired level of success in any field. The sole purpose of the company is to effectively assist clientele in writing their way to opportunity with the use of creative, lively, yet truthful content. The business consists of resume writing, cover letter creations, curriculum editing, essay revisions, and creative website content.

Andre Joseph

Author and Motivational Speaker


Andre Joseph has become one of Chicago’s youngest and most successful businessmen. With an array of businesses and accomplishments under his belt, he is looking to add more to his resume in the year 2013 while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same.

At a young age, Andre Joseph recognized his passion for helping others. In grammar school, Andre was selected by an exclusive program to participate in a volunteer project in Australia. After weeks of learning and volunteering, he returned to the United States where he was eager to educate family, friends, and peers of his new knowledge and hard work. The experience awakened Andre’s love for helping and educating others.

In his teenage years, Andre Joseph continued to volunteer and worked hard to create change in his community. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Andre was exposed to drugs, crime, and other illegal opportunities that many young men his age partook in to make easy money. Fortunately, he overcame the troubles and hardships his community offered and became a community activist. As an activist, Andre was involved in neighborhood cleanups, hot food drives, and mentor programs. He felt the biggest joy in mentoring at Blackstar Mentor Program where he was a relate-able, positive, older male figure to adolescent boys from his neighborhood. Andre worked hands-on with the boys to teach the importance of education, hard work and creativity. He is still an active member in the Blackstar Mentor Program today, and works with various high schools in the Chicago area to promote entrepreneurship.

In his early 20’s, Andre Joseph added entrepreneur to his resume. In 2009, Andre started Majestic Autos, a car dealership focused on providing quality transportation at a reasonable price to members of his community. Majestic Autos has become extremely successful in the Chicago land area selling over one thousand cars in only three short years. In 2011, Andre created A.B.E. Tax Professionals. Similar to Majestic Autos, A.B.E. Tax Professionals was created to provide members of the community with jobs and much needed reasonable service. He keeps his community in mind with each new business he builds, and Andre now focuses most of his attention on real estate in hopes to rebuild and revamp housing in impoverished neighborhoods.

In January 2013, Andre Joseph decided to take his responsibility to help others a step further by publishing his first book “How to be Successful: The 17 Laws.” His book is a manual for anyone ready to reach all of his or her goals and aspirations. Andre hopes that this book will reach the members of his community as well as any individuals around the world that needs a boost of encouragement, motivation and tips for success that actually work.

A New Me Foundation

Family Services

249642_118500204900449_118499168233886_157867_5764218_n A NEW ME FOUNDATION provides comprehensive family services for victims and survivors of domestic violence, including motivational speaking, prevention-education, resource referral and linkage, case management, emergency and transitional family housing, parenting classes, and a variety of support groups.

Yaw Geez

Rapper / Recording Artist

 Yaw Ofori-Atta better known as Yaw Geez, is an American rapper that released debut album “Entry Level” in 2010, led by his first single “9 to 5’ers” an ode to those dealing with the ups and downs of the working world.

With “Entry Level”, Yaw wanted to create a collection of tracks that are a microcosm for the things that have gone on this life since he graduated from college; a thou…ght-provoking journey through the daily life of a young man trying to find his footing in the world while dealing with uncertainties at every turn.

Ultimately, Yaw is not trying to change the game. He’s not trying to take over hip-hop or be the self-proclaimed best to ever to pick up a mic. He simply wants to give his listeners a look into his daily life and all that entails and “Entry Level” is how they will be introduced. Yaw Geez is currently working on a new project that has been highly anticipated in 2012.


Donna’s Cafe

Restaurant / Venue

20111101Logo Donna’s Cafe is the newest addition to the beautiful South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. They specialize in fresh, made to order sandwiches and salads. Their menu offers a healthier alternative to the many chain and fast food joints in town. Donna’s Cafe provides healthy food alternatives and good listening(jazz) for the whole family to enjoy!

Jack Cave


Jackcave_head2010-101 copyJack Cave started his creative life at a young age. Growing up in small-town Missouri (a.k.a. Misery), the arts were an easy distraction. Jack credits his initial explorations and excavations of the arts to his grandfather, grandmother and incredibly artistic family. Jack’s grandmother could prepare amazing meals and the leftover from that amazing meal would be incredible and the leftover from that incredible meal would be sensational. Jack’s grandfather was an ingenious self-taught carpenter who built their home, refurnished antiques and was always finding STUFF in the junkyard and turned that seemingly useless STUFF into what Jack describes as “incredible works of WOW!”

Watching his aunts sew their own clothing from patterns and altering last year’s coat, pant or skirt; shortening, dying or adding STUFF on the surface which added their own personal style. Jack also idolized his talented uncle, the painter and product designer. Jack says, “I would watch him paint pictures for hours.” Jack spent his youth engaged in intense observation of his families’ creative processes, watching his aunt’s throw away pattern pieces and add their own twist. Jack reflects fondly on watching his grandfather repair a walnut surface found at an estate sale, or watching his uncle design a product out of found plastics, metals or wood. This DIY (do-it-yourself) style and sensibility would later find its way into Jack’s work.

While attending Kansas City Art Institute, Jack traveled extensively with a friend all over the world through London, Rome, Egypt and Canada to name a few destinations. His travels to Kuwait left a lasting impression on the senses, especially on his mind. Learning and absorbing the rich cultures and styles of high-end fashion, furniture, architecture and jewelry, Jack reflects on the intense odors, sensations, and precious metal that have stood with him all these years, motivating his unique style and vision.

After leaving Kansas City Art Institute, Jack entered the bustling world of corporate America for 23 years as an Exhibition Designer and Creative Director. Through his work he gained many skills and even more travel experience, voyaging to Germany, Spain, France and many other countries. Needless to say, the bureaucracy of corporate did NOT sufficiently satisfy Jack’s immense and sometimes intense artistic drive. Jack has transferred his experiences in the corporate world into a successful career as a designer. Most recently, Jack   has been working on perfecting his artistry and creating recyclable products.



ART PHOTO 3Tiffany McCaskill aka Articulite, previously an Emcee, emerged on the poetry scene in April 2004. She has a true passion for Christ and always strives to continue to grow as she decreases so Christ may be increase in her. Articulite did her first poem at Valley Kingdom Ministries at a Gospel Event. She joined friends to start a production called “UPNEXT Productions” where they put on Christian and Inspirational Open Mic events. In 2006, Articulite was inspired to start producing her own Spoken Word events which people became truly blessed. Producing events left little time for Articulite to focus on her Gift. In 2007, she begins to focus more on her Poetry as a dedicated Spoken Word Artist. Some of the places Articulite performed/ministered: Jokes & Notes (variety night on Thursdays), The Black Women Expo, Negro League Café, Spoken Word Café, 102.3 FM during their Gospel Showcase), Livin Clean Comedy show and many more.

In 2009, Articulite was the Poetry Winner of Gospel Radio 1390am Hannah show, with Angel Martin and John Hannah. In May 2010 she was the feature Spotlight Artist on 107.5FM WGCI, and you may hear some of her work in rotation during the quiet storm hosted by Radio Personality Chris Michaels on 107.5FM WGCI in Chicago. God has also blessed her being the 2011 Black Essence Award Winner & 2011 Green Mill Poetry Slam Winner.

Articulite opened for many artists such as Stella Award & Grammy Nominee Darius Brooks, Kim Stratton, and Albertina Walker, Neo Soul Artist N’Dambi and many others. Articulite recently performed at the Black Women Expo in Chicago July 2010 & 2011 sharing the stage with SWV, Kim Burrell, Avery Sunshine, Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show and others.

Articulite hosted her own Hot Sauce Poetry set once a month at Livin Clean Entertainment on the Westside of Chicago. As of November 2010 Articulite was blessed to obtain a role in the hit Gospel Stage play called “The Lue Chefer Show” which is currently on tour for 2011. In 2011 & 2012 Articulite had done quite a few spoken word tours in Detroit, Dallas,Houston, and others.

In March 2012 Articulite created the “Makin You Laugh Poetically” tour where poets would perform comedic poetry. April 2012, Articulite also created the SOLD OUT “Saved Girlz Rock ” concert at Livin Clean Ent. in April 2012. People where Blessed and Inspired.

Articulite Gives God the Glory on every accomplishment and pray that God continue to use her for his Kingdom.

Nikki B.


nikkibNikki B., a native of Chicago, fell in love with photography at the age of 21. After completion of her first photography class at Hyde Park Art Center, Nikki developed a passion for documenting special events, people, and travel destinations. In 2009, Nikki B. established “GreyMatter Photography” with a mission to use her unique eye and photojournalist style to capture OMG (“Oh my God”) moments. Nikki specializes in event photography, portraits and boudoirs.

Amidst rapidly increased violence in Chicago’s urban areas, Nikki began to consider the culprits and was left with a few unanswered questions. Among the most important questions were, ‘Who are they and what has lead them to the path of destruction?’ Rather than idly sit back and take a seat, Nikki has began to reveal the answers to her questions with a hands-on approach. Nikki believes that the answer to stopping violence and self-destruction among Chicagoans, rests with the younger generation.

As part of her photographer’s mission, Nikki feels that Chicago’s youth need a platform which will allow them to speak and from which their voices will be heard. She recently began talking to and photographing youths aged 6-21 years old, with the hopes of documenting their voice through photography.


We Miss Da ’90s

Fan Pages

90s“Fan pages dedicated to honoring one of the greatest time eras for music, fashion and media history.”

Join the conversation on FACEBOOK and Twitter!





Endee Magazine

A Magazine to feature people and ideas that have or aspire to reach their dream.

Endee Magazine A Magazine to feature people and ideas that have or aspire to reach their dream.

Every great success was started with a creative spark….

ENDEE, pronounced “INDIE”, provides that moment for an unknown talent to catch fire. Their network allows them to chronicle the emergence of independent talent in music, film, style, art, fashion, lifestyle and business; and their platform allows them to reward “INDIE” talent with opportunities for unique exposure.

ENDEE is the medium by which a growing, creative, and multicultural audience can experience the best in up-and-coming independent talent. Through this audience, these undiscovered talents will benefit from an amount of exposure they can’t reach on their own, but truly deserve.  Via our expanding online presence, ENDEE provides a digital experience where users are encouraged to contribute, comment, request, and follow.

ENDEEONLINE.COM is proud to anchor the ENDEE Media Group and bring a powerful portal of content and a diverse audience to advertisers who want to expand and grow their customer base.

ENDEE Media Group is the premier multi-media platform for the most expressive and influential young artistic consumers. This discerning audience is driven by style, trends, music, film, entertainment and inspiration.  ENDEE Media Group initially reaches this audience through its website ENDEEONLINE.COM, but additionally via our rapidly growing social media presence. ENDEE features and portals are carefully selected and curated to maintain the perfect balance of innovation, content, and editorial integrity. To get more information on ENDEE, visit,  Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

Kevin Shine

The FIRM’s Grammy Nominated A&R Consultant

Kevin ShineKevin Shine is the President of The F.I.R.M. (Foundation for Innovative Resource Management), which is a resource for artists, songwriters, producers, personalities and companies who need strategic consulting. Kevin travels the country speaking on music industry panels and consulting independent record labels on their set up, music, marketing and promotion. He accomplished great success with the ASCAP Writing Sessions and is currently developing The F.I.R.M.’s Writing Sessions of America which is a mechanism for aspiring writers and producers to get the opportunity to work in a professional recording environment.

Kevin is the newly appointed head of A&R for Arrow Records/Universal and is currently working with Grammy Award winning artist, Ann Nesby. He’ll also be working on the upcoming project for Stellar Award winning artist, Kim Burrell. Other current notable projects include work with the Mars on Sunday team which include Lonnie Deadwyler and Grammy winning Writer Producer team Black Elvis and Harold Lily. Another notable project is with Producer Miykal Snoddy who has worked on hits for Ludacris, Ne-yo and Kanye West to name a few. As Kevin continues to influence the world of music he is also overseeing the launch of For The People By The People, a Memphis based non-profit organization that will serve the local community in multiple ways including music education.

With over 15 years experience, Kevin Shine is truly a trailblazer in the music industry. Kevin possesses an extensive background in teaching music business that derived from the Music & Entertainment Training Institute (METI) for the city of Chicago. He was also a Music Business professor at Columbia College – Chicago, where he served as Faculty Advisor for Columbia’s Urban Music Association Student Organization (CUMA). He is very passionate about providing professional advice to others and is always looking for opportunities to share his expertise.
Kevin held the position of an A&R Consultant to Wayne Williams, the Senior Vice President of A&R for Jive Records and placed four of the songs on R. Kelly’s Grammy nominated “Untitled” album. Simultaneously, Mr. Shine managed the songwriting duo, Galaxy who contributed to Ludacris’ Grammy nominated song “How Low”. The Southern Entertainment Awards has nominated Kevin for “Executive of the Year” and Your Positive News International has nominated him for a “Positive Image Award”. Over the span of his career Kevin has placed multiple songs for multiple major artists including the Backstreet Boyz.

Big Shoulders Fund

The Big Shoulders Fund provides support to Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago.

Big Shoulders Fund is unique:  our administrative expenses are supported by an endowment and other income which ensures that 100% of funds currently raised go toward programs that benefit Big Shoulders Fund schools and the students they serve.  Our programs benefit the hardest working students in Chicago, providing scholarships, special education and academic programs, instructional equipment, much-needed school facility improvements, faculty support, operating grants and much, much more.

Big Shoulders Fund


 Big Shoulders Fund is unique:  our administrative expenses are supported by an endowment and other income which ensures that 100% of funds currently raised go toward programs that benefit Big Shoulders Fund schools and the students they serve.  Our programs benefit the hardest working students in Chicago, providing scholarships, special education and academic programs, instructional equipment, much-needed school facility improvements, faculty support, operating grants and much, much more.






Turkey Chop











Creative Cypher



A Chicago-based media society of over 100+ content creators, with a mission to promote diversity within the film industry.

The Creative Cypher is a conscientious community of innovative directors, producers, screenwriters, film editors, sound engineers, composers and performers, founded in 2013 by Troy Pryor.







Speak Hope













The Women’s Entrepreneur Impact Summit (2014)