IMG_C6983Founder of Official Anais PR, a Chicago-based public relations consulting firm,is an-award winning philanthropist and first generation entrepreneur who aspires to build a brand legacy through business development and community service.

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Davis had a chance to put her passion and natural talent for helping others into action at two nonprofit youth organizations.

In her many roles, she helped to develop, execute and promote social services, afterschool programs for teens, and career development services. She also assisted with the production of an HIV awareness campaign film. Lastly, she helped to secure over $300,000 in grants; planned and marketed events; and solicited sponsorships from individuals and corporations.


Her innate ability to connect people and concepts to achieve desired goals prompted Davis to launch Official Anais PR in 2010. The purpose of her firm is two-fold: to elevate the brands of local entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits to national levelsandto give back to the community.


Davis’s “Charity Corner” blog and her annual toy drive are two of her most prized charitable projects. She understands that it is challenging for nonprofit entities to market their programs and good deeds effectively with small budgets and even smaller staffs; therefore, she features two organizations or charities bi-monthly on her blog with the goal of giving them exposure and soliciting donations for causes which serve communities throughout Illinois and the Greater Chicagoland areas.
Additionally, for the past three years Official Anais PR Ha hosted annual toy drives to support single mothers during Christmas, one of the hardest times of the year for some parents. Due to overwhelming need, the firm hosted two toy drives during the third year. Support for Davis’s charitable efforts was so great that she was also able to donate to a mentoring organization as well as a domestic violence shelter in Englewood.

In September 2013, Davis launched the Shark Tank Social, “…one of Chicago’s hottest events”, as reported by The Examiner. Highly regarded by Chicago influencers, community leaders and entrepreneurs, this monthly networking event connects budding entrepreneurs and other professionals who may have a business idea that they want to pitch to investors. Some even consider auditioning for the actual show.

Davis has received several awards and recognitions for her professional and charitable contributions to local entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations. In 2013, Official Anais was awarded the “Best Non-Profit PR and Event Planning Firm” by Black Celebrity Giving. The firm also received a “Humanitarian Award” from Fashion Arts & Humanitarian Fetes. Lastly, Davis has been recognized as one of the “Most Powerful Women on the South Side of Chicago” for her contributions to the community.

In addition to her own ventures, Davis serves as the Community Relations Coordinator for Endee Magazine; the Public Relations and Marketing Chair to the Bellwood Lions Club Committee; and the Director of Communications for the Emerging Leaders Commission.



Contributing Staff


Brian K. Wyatt Jr.

Graphic/Web Design & Marketing Specialist

BrianBrian is the Founder and Creative Director of B-EZ Graphix. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois where he was first inspired by urban art, such as graffiti, murals and other forms of cultural artwork. Brian has been a graphic and web designer since founding B-EZ Graphix while attending college in 2004. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It was then and there that Brian began building upon his experience as a marketing communications specialist, while serving as the marketing director for various organizations in Central Illinois. What began as a hobby became a passion motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit he observed in those he worked with, which began to stir within him. His vision for the B-EZ Graphix was to encourage entrepreneurship by making the process of branding and marketing small businesses easy and affordable. Since then, Brian has inspired, designed and launched hundreds of business brands under the B-EZ Graphix flagship.

Brian’s design philosophy is centered on the conceptualization that “design creates usability, without usability it is just art.” He combines his strategic marketing experience and artistic creativity to develop efficient branding and marketing materials for his clients that will be useful in achieving their marketing goals. Unlike larger marketing corporations, Brian goes the extra mile to consult and train his clients on how to efficiently use the brand products that he develops for them to ensure that they succeed. His work is highly endorsed by organizations and clients for whom he has worked with in-person and remotely with no loss in quality and efficiency. His style has been evaluated as professional, precise, effective, conceptual and, perhaps most intriguingly, “sophisticated but with edge.”

His military career has brought him to Georgia where he continues to expand the B-EZ Graphix mission, network and partnerships. Brian’s patriotic commitment motivated him to become a communications specialist in the armed forces. The military experience he has acquired reinforces his business values of consistently providing timely, accurate and reliable services producing the best customer experiences and satisfaction. It is because of these values that he has earned various awards, including the regional Air Force Sergeant’s Association’s (AFSA) Member of the Year. He was also recognized by the National CEO of AFSA for effectively executing the marketing communications plan for the Central Georgia Chapter. Brian shows an even greater commitment and passion in business through B-EZ Graphix. He will continue to bolster the entrepreneurial spirit in his endeavors to show others the freedom of controlling their own future, and realizing the value of success that comes from within.



Kristian Eliz 


Born and raised in the city of Chicago, Kristian Eliz was surrounded by many creative influences. As the daughter of a musician, she naturally developed a strong love and appreciation for music. She would often envision concepts and aesthetics for videos while listening to music in her bedroom. It was then that she gradually became fascinated with visual art forms.

In 2009, she made her first radio appearance on Vocalo, a public radio station owned by Chicago Public Media. For a while, she served as an occasional guest contributor. Eventually, she became a weekly co-host and producer for The Music Vox, a show featuring independent music, in-depth interviews and cultural discussions.

For several years, Kristian worked various sales & marketing related jobs. In 2012, she decided to combine her work experience with her passion for the arts and began coordinating and promoting events. Initially, she helped showcase emerging local artists and DJs. Since then, she has worked on concerts and events featuring a variety of talent such as Questlove, Dwele, Rapsody, 9th Wonder, Rakim, Talib Kweli, Add-2, Khrysis, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, Sidewalk Chalk, Neak, The WHOevers and more.

In between producing events and radio, she possesses a love for travel, along with sharing music and art related content via her blog,